Acne Treatment | Johnson City, TN

Xenia Skin Care in Johnson City, TN specializes in helping teens and adults reduce or eliminate active acne – and acne scars – through the use of the latest skin care technologies.

Although acne is most common in teenagers, it is also a problem for many adults. And acne does not just occur on the face – unsightly acne break-outs can also occur on the back, shoulders, arms and even the buttocks.  No matter what your age or where your acne is, it can be frustrating, embarrassing and destroy your self esteem.

Anyone with acne knows that over-the-counter drugstore and online products just aren’t strong enough to effectively treat acne. But Senya can treat acne with a combination of advanced facials and chemical peels, combined with state-of-the-art technologies and clinical-grade products, designed specifically to eliminate break-outs and reduce acne scars. Clinically treating acne break-outs is also the best way to avoid permanent acne scars.

If you live in the greater Johnson City, TN area and are troubled by ugly acne, schedule a skincare consultation and acne treatment with Senya at Xenia Skin Care – and get the clear,  smooth, glowing skin you’ll love!

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